Weight Loss

I have Sonne / Schone as an excellent addition to my weight reduction program.

With up to 600 calories burned in every 30 minutes, sweating promotes more calories burned in every session.

When the calories output is more than calories input, weight loss occurs. By using Sonne/ Schone sauna regularly and have moderate eating habit it will increase the calories output.

With metabolic processes disrupted by toxic elements in the body, weight reduction is impeded. Therefore, detox and calories reduction is a comprehensive strategy working hand in hand in weight management.*

Together with my weight reduction program (low carbohydrate, special diet, exercise regimen or medication), regular use of Sonne / Schone sauna will be an excellent addition to the current regimen.

* Mark Hyman, MD, Supplement to Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, S134-S139.

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