About Us

We are innovative and dynamic Success Therapeutic incorporated in 2013, we excel in supporting healthcare professionals and consumers to meet the needs of health and wellness.

We value good partnerships making our first mark in Malaysia as Success Therapeutic, followed by international subsidiaries, Success Therapeutic Singapore and Surya Therapeutic Indonesia, we partner multinational healthcare / pharmaceutical companies to successful commercialization of products and services across South East Asia. We are driven by the desire to improve health and wellness through strong collaboration with innovative partners into bringing scientific excellence to the market example Sonne and Schone sauna.

We have wealth of experience with key team members of up to 23 years of experience in the healthcare industry over a broad range of therapeutic area including cardiovascular, aesthetic care, respiratory, anti-infective, allergy, men's health, muscular skeletal, ophthalmic, and home-health equipment. We have successfully reached out to various healthcare sectors such as private medical centres, general practitioners, retail pharmacies, public hospitals and even intricate key institutions. With the ability to excel, we leverage on our imagination, integrity, leadership, diversity and respect.

We do it right through strong advocacy of evidence based approaches and efficient support services offering value added representation to superior quality products of our partners. We believe in doing business the right way and good stewardship adhering to governance by principles and regulations of good business practices such as PhAMA Code of Conduct, FCPA and ABAC.

Our Purpose

Success Therapeutic is committed to realise every idea, to escalate every solution and ready to be the most preferred commercialization partner in the region. We embrace our quest to promote wellness because we are inspired by the difference we can make in the lives of people we come in contact with.

Our Team

Francis Tham
Managing Director

Ooi Eng Liang
Director - Operations

Ooi Eng Jin
Director - Marketing & Market Development

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