Relax & Rejuvenate

I am able to rejuvenate my body with Sonne / Schone Sauna.

With the sympathetic nervous system controlling the "fight-or flight" response and the parasympathetic nervous system controlling the "rest-and-digest" response in the human body, under stressful conditions, the sympathetic nervous system is highly active.

Continuous stress can lead to a condition causing distress physically symptoms such as headaches, stomach upsets, elevated blood pressure, chest pain and sleeping problems.

The international medical journal, Psychosomatic Medicine reports significant improvement in relaxation score of distress patients after regular sessions of sauna as compared to non-sauna users.*

The comfortable temperature of Sonne / Schone sauna, slows down the activities of the sympathetic nervous system and hence predominating the activite parasympathetic nervous system promoting relaxation and allowing rejuvenation of the body.

Regular use of Sonne / Schone at home is an excellent step to relax, recharge and refresh my body after a hard day work.

* Masuda et al. Psychosomatic Medicine.67:643-647 (2005)

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