Detox & Cleanse

I am protecting my family with Sonne / Schone Sauna.

Many toxic elements such as cadmium, nickel, lead, bismuth, aluminium and bisphenol A (BPA) are shown to be preferentially excreted through sweat (as shown in the chart below). Without sweating regularly, these heavy metals may be accumulated over a period of time causing harm to our health.

Hence, the accumulation of cadmium (cigarette smoke, automobile exhaust) and nickel (pollutants found in vegetables and processed food) may even cause cancer.

Similarly, accumulation of BPA (leached from plastic containers) to a certain concentration have shown to increase the risk of breast cancer due to epigenetic effect, hormonal disruption and oxidative stress.**

Therefore regular sweating with Sonne / Schone can be a preventive measure to reduce health risk for better protection.

Sonne / Schone protects me and my family from harmful elements.

* Genuis et al. Arch Envrion Contam Toxicol, (2011), 61:344-357
** Genuis et al. Journal of Environmental & Public Health (2012), Article ID 185731

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